This function can be used to calculate any instance of beams with rectangular cross-sections and a notch at the support, for construction to Eurocode 5 standards. Dedicated functions may be more intuitive and user-friendly. If you are unsure, contact us!

Example URL /NotchedMembers/api?Vd=14752&b=90&hef=70&h=5&Kcr=false&d=97&s=GL24h&x=4&service=1&LoadDuration=S&gammaM=1.25¬chOnSupport=true&format=json
Method GET
URL Params Required:
Vd =[Integer]
Is the design force in Newtons (N)

example: Fd=14752

b =[Integer]
Width measured in millimeters(mm)

example: b=90

hef =[Integer]
Is the effective (reduced) depth measured in millimetres.

example: hef=70

h =[Integer]
Depth measured in millimeters (mm)

example: h=300

Kcr =[true|false]
Is a factor that consider the influence of cracks. Introduce true or false for the influence of cracks factor to be considered or not, respectively.

example: Kcr=false

d =[Integer]
Length of the notch measured in millimeters (mm)

example: d=97

The alpha-numeric code of the strength classes. A value from the next lists:
Softwood: C14, C16, C18, C20, C22, C24, C27, C30, C35, C40, C45 or C50.
Hardwood: D18, D24, D30, D35, D40, D50, D60 or D70
Homogenous Glue Laminated: GL20h, GL22h, GL24h, GL26h, GL28h or GL30h
Combined Glue Laminated: GL20c, GL22c, GL24c, GL26c, GL28c or GL30c

example: s=C14

service =[1|2|3]
The service class is indicated by introducing the number of the corresponding service class, 1, 2 or 3

example: service=1

LoadDuration =[I|S|M|L|P]
Load duration is indicated by introducing one of the following parameters : I, S,M L or P

example: LoadDuration=S

gammaM =[float]
Partial factor for material properties, also accounting for model uncertainties and dimensional variations. This input is a number. example: gammaM=1.25

notchOnSupport =[true|false]
Introduce true or false to indicate if the notch is on the same side as the support or not, respectively.

example: notchOnSupport=false

Choose the language you wish the output to be in. Indicate either json or xml.

example: format=json

Success Response Example:
Code: 200
Example content:{"Kn":"6.50","Kv":"1.00","Fvd":"2.52","TauD":"3.51","index":"1.39"}
Response Params Kn= Notched factor.
Kv= Is a reduction factor.
Fvd= Design shear strength.
TauD= Design shear stress.
index= This value checks the 6.60 formula of EN 1995-1-1:20004+A1:2008, the 6.69 formula of CTE DS-SE-M and the 144 formula of DIN 1052:2008 and should be lower or equal than 1.

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